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Both my parents live in Norwich, to which they moved from London back in 1977, six weeks after I was born. My Mum trained as a physicist and gained her BSc and PhD from the University of London. My Dad, also trained as a physicist, worked as the Director of Safety Services at the University of East Anglia since we moved to Norwich, and met my Mum while lecturing in London. They have both retired recently. Much to the amusement of my friends and especially my partner, I have picked up a great concern for safety from my Dad, and hate seeing electrical sockets switched on if nothing is plugged in to them! Since I've 'grown-up' I've got on with my parents very well, and often turn to them for advice and support. It's always nice to know they only live an hour and a half away. My grandparents also live in Norwich having moved there from Sussex in the late eighties.

home sweet home...

My elder brother Chris lives in London, and works for Esso in Leatherhead. In many respects we are very different, but we've always been very close and I feel lucky to have a brother like him. When we were little we used to play together since I was quite a 'tom-boy' and never enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls or My Little Ponies (something I now feel very proud to say!). We often used to build 'dens' in the fields at the top of our road, often getting covered in dirt and grass-stains - my worst nightmare now! Chris is frequently referred to as an 'iron-man' by my partner Richard in that he is very physically fit. He cycles to and from work everyday (Sutton to Leatherhead - about 12 miles) in most weathers, and also goes jogging and swimming. I only manage to cycle about 2 miles a day, and suffer in the gym three times a week! Well I never said there was no sibling rivalry....!

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