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I'm a pretty lazy person when it comes to making the most of my spare time, and mostly seem to end up in front of the TV (one of my favourite things in the whole world) watching Eastenders. I have a huge capacity for watching all sorts of rubbish on telly, such as Police, Camera, Action! which is always good for a laugh, and, of course, Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake. However, when I'm not watching TV, some things I like to do is go to the cinema, go swimming, or cook.


The kinds of films I love are anything by Hitchcock, anything by Amoldovar, and my all-time favourite film, The Third Man. I'm often accused of being a film snob, but I have been known to enjoy the odd popular action thriller such as Eraser, Cliffhanger and Predator. On the whole though, if a film is either black and white, or has subtitles, it's more likely to be my thing. The Third Man is just the best film ever ever ever. Not only does it have the fantastic Orson Welles, but the camera angles, the lighting, and the zither music make for a totally unique atmosphere. It's the kind of film in which you notice something different every time you watch it.

chili pepper

I also like cooking, especially for other people. Since I'm vegetarian, I particularly like dispelling the notion that veggie food consists of lentil and vegetable slop, and have managed to convince at least one meat-eater (my partner Richard) of the benefits of nice veggie food. My favourite foods are Italian, Mexican and Indian. If you want to try out some of the recipes I cook, go to my food pages.


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