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I've lived in Cambridge since 1996. I was studying for my degree at King's College for the first three years, and have lived in an area called Chesterton with my fiance Richard Holt , since June 1999. Since graduating I have worked in the library at Trinity College Cambridge and now work for Chadwyck-Healey Ltd (part of Bell & Howell Information and Learning) an academic publishing company.

Visit my alma mater, King's College Cambridge

King's College has a reputation for being the most bohemian and left-wing of all the Cambridge colleges, which is partly why I chose to apply there. It was a centre for the Bloomsbury group in the first half of the twentieth-century, some of Vanessa Bell's original paintings hanging in the Saltmarsh suite near the College library. One of the best things about King's is its rich musical heritage. My partner Richard sang in the world-famous college choir and through him I learnt a lot about choral music. Having King's College Chapel as the local church, with Evensong sung every day, was perhaps the biggest privilege of my three years!

Apart from enjoying the music though, I also found time for some study. By the end of my degree in English I had developed a great interest in the literature, history and ideas of the eighteenth-century and the Enlightenment. (Both my parents studied physics, and although I didn't strictly follow their scientific footsteps, I like to think that the ethos and aspirations of the scientific revolution of the eighteenth-century fascinate me). Both my dissertations from my final year are linked to the Enlightenment and the concept of reason, one being on graveyard poems of the early-eighteenth century and the associated theology, and one on the shorter prose of Samuel Beckett. You can even READ THEM in a few clicks of the mouse if you feel so inclined.

In May 2000 I began working for Chadwyck-Healey, an academic publisher in Cambridge. We publish educational resources, from the Periodicals Contents Index to the works of Luther, on CD-Rom and online. I work on UKOP, a database of UK official publications which indulges my interest in current affairs as well as my belief in freedom of information.

In the future, I'd like to develop my web design and authoring skills more and possibly move into web-editing or web-design - the web is the only place my creative skills have ever found a modicum of success!

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